Connect and Play activities

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We have a range of activities on offer during term time and through the holidays. Our activities take place in lots of different locations and venues so that as many people can access them as possible.

Our sessions focus on developing communication, interaction and play skills, as well as supporting and empowering families so that they feel confident trying new things with their child at home.

Our term time sessions include targeted support programmes for families who are after regular, targeted support. We also offer stand-alone play sessions for those who require more flexible support to fit their schedules.

To find out what’s currently happening in your area and book your space, visit our activity finder.

A young girl lies on a red beanbag and smiles up as a multicoloured windmill/

Targeted workshops

Throughout the year we work with guest speakers to offer a range of targeted workshops. Each workshop offers an in-depth exploration of specific support areas to help you gain new skills, knowledge, build confidence and access the right support for you!

Nature Detectives

A targeted support programme which focuses on developing interaction skills. Guided by a qualified Forest School practitioner, children are encouraged to explore, take risks, make choices and initiate learning for themselves. Children will work towards forming relationships, managing behaviours, and developing self-confidence and self-awareness. 
A young boy with blonde hair is wearing a home made paper mask.

Infant Massage

Our Infant massage sessions use positive touch and massage techniques to improve interaction, and support personal, social and emotional development. You’ll gain practical skills, alongside the knowledge of how to personalise the techniques to best suit your child and incorporate into your own routines.
A group of children of different ages are taking part in a activity, waving multicoloured ribbons above their heads.

Family Days

We run a range of holiday activities throughout the year, from trips to local venues to guest facilitators teaching new skills. These sessions are designed to support families to have fun together and experience new opportunities in safe and supportive environments.
A young girl sits on an older ladies lap whilst listening to a story. An older gentleman is also sitting on the floor next to them.

Sensory stories

A targeted support programme focusing on developing communication skills. Our activities incorporate the different senses to offer new stimuli, engage children and enrich their experience and help each child express themselves in whatever way is best, through signs, symbols and sounds!
A young boy is sitting in a wooden high chair playing with yellow feathers.

Sensory exploration

Explore a new theme each week, to engage the senses and develop learning through Play. Children are encouraged to lead and explore what’s of interest to them, from instruments to messy play! Each week is designed as a stand-alone session; ideal for families who are new to the Connect and Play service!

Professional support

Our friendly team are on hand to offer support and advice to professionals via: 

  • Sensory Play sessions 
  • Skill development workshops 
  • Presenting at meetings 

If you’d like to discuss how we can best support your organisation, please contact [email protected] or call 0791 765 7519. 
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