Support for disabled children and young people

Our free support helps disabled children access education, playgroups and holidays, so they have the same life experiences as everyone else. 

Here at Sense, we do more than looking to understand what your child needs. We also want to see and celebrate all their fabulous qualities and unique strengths.

From dance or drumming classes to Sense Virtual Buddies, Sense has lots of opportunities for disabled children to try new things, learn skills and make friends.

We also have over 65 years of experience supporting children who are deafblind, multi-sensory impaired or have a vision or hearing impairment with another disability.

“I think of the children and young people we support as little jigsaws and my job is to fit all the pieces together.”

Laura, a Sense MSI teacher

Getting the right support at school or college

If your child has a disability, your local authority must make sure their educational needs are met. They should also offer you advice and support. 

Rights for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

Support for siblings and young carers

Rosie holds up her Harry Potter paper plate design to the camera

We also offer support to young carers and siblings of disabled children. 

This includes:

  • Free activities, like games nights and book clubs.
  • Groups where they can meet other young people in similar situations.
  • One-to-one support and wellbeing sessions.

Sense’s support for siblings and young carers.

Zach, a small boy wearing dungarees, smiles at the camera.

Extra support for children and young people

We offer extra support for young people with:

  • Deafblindness, or 
  • Multi-sensory impairment, or
  • A single sensory impairment (hearing or vision impairment), with another disability.

If this describes your child, get in touch with our team to find out how we can support you. Our package of support will depend on exactly what your child needs. Among the options we might be able to offer are:

“We struggled to come up with appropriate activities for Zach. Sense’s online sessions made such a difference. We noticed Zach loved hearing the other children laugh, which was a huge turning point.”

Jemma, whose son Zach is supported by Sense
  • A dedicated support worker to advise you. 
  • Help with learning how to play and communicate with your child during their early years.
  • Support during the education, health and care plan (EHCP) process and at hospital appointments. 
  • Supporting letters and reports to help you navigate school, hospital and social care systems. 
  • Access to our groups, events and activities; full of messy play, music and sensory exploration.
  • Online parent wellbeing sessions, community group and newsletter. 

Get in touch

We’re here to offer free, practical advice to any parents of children with complex disabilities, including deafblindness, including discussing a referral.