Support us

A young boy sitting in a little car in the garden with his mum.

No matter what you can afford to give, you’ll be making an invaluable difference. 

Your support can help a child who is deafblind learn how to communicate with their family. Or it could pay for someone with complex disabilities to take part in an exercise class, or learn a new skill.  

An older woman sat at an outside table laughing

Finding Sense was such a relief. They gave me reassurance that my sons did have additional needs. But also, that there was so much they could do. 


How your donation helps Sense

  • £5 could pay for a set of musical bells, to be used in music therapy.

  • £25 could pay for a sensory disco kit, complete with glowsticks and sensory toys. This helps people with complex disabilities experience all the joy of a disco!

  • £40 could pay for a one-to-one arts session, live or online, between an artist and a person with complex disabilities.

  • A signpost made from white brushstokes

    £70 could pay for a child with complex disabilities to attend a Sense pre-school group with their parents.