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Sense’s work has never been more vital

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We help people with deafblindness or complex disabilities to communicate, experience the world and fulfil their potential.

Thousands of people with complex disabilities, and those who are deafblind, are still missing out on the vital support they need. And the pandemic has only made things harder. It’s made existing barriers worse and exposed new issues.

But throughout, Sense has adapted and reached people in new ways. Now, we want to go further.

Our goal is to support ten times more people living with complex disabilities by 2026. That’s 30,000 people over five years. But to do that, we need everyone connected to Sense to come together in support.

Our refreshed strategy sets out how we’ll reach our goals.

Ensure the best possible start for children and families

We want to reach more people than ever. That means supporting 30,000 children and families over a five-year period.

We’ll develop new programmes and scale up our online provision.

Support adults to live and learn at every stage of their lives

We want to grow our housing, day opportunities, colleges, and community-based services.

Our vision is that children, young people and adults can access support at our sites or in their local communities.

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Reduce loneliness and isolation

We’ll generate new social connections for more than 30,000 people over five years.

We’ll reach 5,000 people through our Virtual Buddy service, which connects disabled and non-disabled volunteers, and over 1,000 siblings, many of whom are young carers. New opportunities for face-to-face meet ups will be created as we move through the next few years.

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Give people a voice which would otherwise be unheard

We’ll increase our number of supporters to over 250,000.

We’ll create more operational roles for our volunteers, and opening more retail spaces, generating greater awareness and connections with local communities.

Want to learn more about our plans? Read our 2021-2026 strategy in full.

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