Transition – moving from children to adult services

Throughout childhood, anyone with complex disabilities will have had support from health, social care and education services.

As you get older, you may need similar support from adult services to meet your changing needs.

Steps will be put in place to help make this move as easy as possible.

Transition is the word often used to describe the process when you move from being a child to an adult. It covers the period between ages 14 and 25.

It may include steps to help you:

  • Move to adult healthcare services.
  • Move to adult social care services.
  • Go from school to college.
  • Get a job or start training. 
  • Manage housing and benefits.
  • Prepare generally for adult life, including managing money, transport, a social life, friendships and relationships.

The most important thing is to start thinking and planning early and get support to help you through your transition process.

Here you will find information to help you do this.

Get support from Sense

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