Sense Sign School

A pack shot of Sense Sign School lesson cards

Join a school like no other

I’m the headteacher here at Sense Sign School, where my teachers and I will send you monthly lessons in British Sign Language (BSL) in the post for just £10 a month.

Your £10 will go towards helping Sense make sure more disabled people can experience the world and fulfil their potential. How cool is that!

Every sign you learn will help you chat with Deaf people like me. By taking away some of the barriers that make communication hard for some people, you’ll be helping to make the world better for everyone, so no one ever has to feel left out.

BSL is also a really great life skill to have, and I’ll make it fun too!

Want to add your name to my register?

Here’s how Sense Sign School works

I’ve put together a class every month for our students, whether that’s for you or the child in your life. Check out what you can look forward to each month:

  • You’ll meet a new teacher, who’ll help you learn about a new topic, like animals, weather and hobbies.

  • You’ll get a set of cards to help you practise each sign, and a conversation guide

  • You can come back online and do some extra learning too if you like

  • Your donation will help Sense continue to do their great work for people like me

Everyone’s a winner! There won’t even be any tests…aren’t I nice?

No need to raise your hand!

If you’ve got any questions, the good people at Sense have got the answers. They’ve put together some frequent questions to help.

I hope to be seeing your name on the register soon!

Over and out,
Mr. Tyrese