Demand more support for disabled people in the cost of living crisis

Disabled people and their families are at breaking point.  

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The cost of living crisis is far from over for disabled people, who continue to face higher living costs for essentials like heating, food and travel. For many, this is the second winter they are facing without enough financial support. 

The situation is even worse for people with complex disabilities. They use more energy for specialist equipment, such as breathing machines and motorised wheelchairs.

And while many people may have had a brief break from higher energy bills this summer, many disabled people didn’t have that luxury. Their equipment still needs power when the sun is shining. Now, as it gets colder again, the debt, stress and worry are mounting. They deserve more support.

What we’re asking for

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    A benefits system that meets disabled people’s needs

    This means:

    1. The government should increase benefits in line with inflation as a minimum, as part of the Autumn budget this November.
    2. The government should review of how benefits are set and increased in the long term.
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    Financial support to cope with higher energy costs

    This means introducing a reduced energy tariff for the most vulnerable households.

How we’ve helped

We gave emergency grants to disabled families in response to the cost of living crisis in 2022 and 2023.

Take a look at the fund’s impact and what we learnt.

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