Our Trustees

Sense is governed by the Board of Trustees which upholds Sense’s vision, agrees and monitors our strategy, protects our assets and funds, and ensures that we comply with legislation and regulation. On a day-to-day basis, Sense is managed by an executive team.

Dr Justin Molloy, chair of Sense

Justin is a senior group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in London. Over the past 30 years he has worked across diverse areas of biomedical research, including a study exploring how our ears convert sound energy into signals for our brains to understand.

Justin is best known for his work using laser-based optical methods to study single biological molecules. He also serves on national and international scientific review bodies, granting agencies and learned societies.

Justin is a member of the Finance & Audit Committee.

headshot of simon jones looking at the camera smiling

Simon Jones, honorary treasurer and chair of the Finance & Audit Committee

Simon joined St Peter’s College, Oxford as Bursar and Fellow in April 2024, having previously worked as Director of Finance & Commercial at Myton Hospices in Warwickshire. Before this Simon worked in the independent schools’ charity sector for 20 years, most notably for 10 years as Foundation Secretary of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation.

Before this Simon enjoyed a financial career, working in companies ranging from a plc to large and medium sized family-owned businesses. He has been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) since 2005. Simon had previously worked in the construction industry, initially in junior engineering and administrative roles, before managing small (up to £1m) building projects, primarily for the retail sector.

Simon’s commitment to Sense stems from a passion for education and a desire to see everyone in society optimise the opportunities available to them. The work delivered by Sense fits perfectly with this theme, helping our people to experience life to the full, overcoming tremendous personal challenges through a framework of family, staff and technological support.

Saeed Ahmed

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Saeed is the father of a 25-year-old young person with complex learning disabilities, autism and epilepsy who attends the TouchBase Pears day centre in Birmingham. He has a passion for educating others about autism as well as being involved in numerous Sense campaigns.

Saeed is an IT consultant specialising in change and project management associated with large IT projects. He’s worked in the utility sector for over 25 years. 

Mark Cammies

Mark has over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of the property development and portfolio management arenas and has held senior and executive positions with a number of major retailers in the UK and internationally, in China and Russia.

In 2007, Mark became an executive director of Circle Health and helped build the largest partnership of healthcare professionals in Europe and also led the development and construction of three new award-winning hospitals. After a period on NHS acute hospital Trust Boards Mark has also advised other NHS Trust Boards on their large-scale development plans.

He was Deputy Chair and Board member of the University of West London for 9 years and was also chair of their finance committee.

Mark is currently the Managing Director of Property, Facilities and Infrastructure Management at Coventry University, which covers all property and IT functions across the UK and international campuses.

In his younger days, Mark was also a commissioned officer in the armed forces for over 10 years, primarily in infantry roles.

Mark is a member of Finance & Audit Committee, Engagement Committee and the Trading Board.

Ben Cooper

Ben is a senior researcher at a think tank, working on areas relating to disability, early years and education, and culture policy amongst others.

Ben previously worked for a Member of Parliament, and served as a town councillor between 2015 and 2019.

As a young disabled person, Ben is passionate about removing the barriers faced by disabled people and ensuring their voices are heard when decisions are being made.

Ben is a member of the Nominations Committee.

Vivienne Hoskins

Headshot of Vivienne Hoskins smiling

Vivienne has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in the not-for-profit sector working with a number of charities and local authorities.  Throughout her career she has focused on performance improvement, change and building positive organisational culture.  Her roles have included leading the development of services for disabled children, young people and their families and more recently roles in technology, leading digital transformation strategies including initiatives that enable services to reach more people and new audiences.

Vivienne is also a parent of two disabled young people which has given her first-hand experience of negotiating the complexities of education, health and support services as well as the transition to adult services.

Mythily Katsaris

headshot of mythily katsaris looking at the camera smiling

Mythily is a solicitor, and a partner at Fladgate in London, one of the UK’s top 100 law firms.

Mythily was first introduced to the work of Sense International in India in 2008 and has been involved ever since. She has organised several awareness and fundraising events in India and has developed a keen awareness of Sense’s work and the people we support. 

Mythily is a member of the Finance & Audit Committee and Engagement Committee.

Brian Symington

headshot of bryan symington looking at the camera smiling

Brian has worked with children and adults who are deaf, blind, visually impaired and deafblind in Northern Ireland for over forty years.  He has been principal social worker for sensory impaired services and from 1991 to 2011 was director of RNID NI (Royal National Institute for Deaf People Northern Ireland).

He has worked as a consultant and has served on a number of Boards and Committees, including being chair of the Ulster Institute for the deaf and honorary secretary of the European Society on Mental Health and Deafness. He has also been a member of the Northern Ireland Civic Forum.  He was president of the world congress on Mental Health and Deafness in Belfast in 2014.  Brian is currently a member of the board of Habinteg housing association, chair of Northern Ireland Sense council and a member of NDCS l(NI) advisory committee.

He became an MBE in 2001 and holds a number of other awards.

Nathan Taylor

Nathan is a parent of a teenage boy with a genetic condition and associated learning disabilities. He has 25 years of experience working in special schools across England, working with children and young people with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities, including children with multi-sensory impairments. 

 Nathan is also a part-time doctoral student, exploring the lived experiences of children with profound and multiple learning disabilities, specifically the pedagogical relationship between the learner and the teacher in the process of assessment. 

Mark Westwell chair of the Engagement Committee

Mark enjoyed a 40-year career in financial services, with leadership roles at four international banking organisations and served as a board director in several regulated banking businesses, in the UK and South Africa. His primary responsibilities focused on strategic client management, covering all aspects of commercial and service criteria for Institutional clients.

Mark has been a strong supporter of charitable causes for over 25 years and chaired the UK Philanthropy Committee of a major bank for 6 years, allocating grants to local charities in London and Edinburgh. He is currently a non-executive director & chair for a real estate finance business in London and a national card payments business based in North Lincolnshire.

Mark is a member of the Nominations Committee.