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“As a mother of a child with rubella I know the problems facing children who are deafblind and their families. If leaving something in my Will benefits future generations of people who are deafblind, I’ll be incredibly pleased.”

Maureen, Sense supporter

Why leave Sense a gift in your Will?

Your Will is a reflection of you and your values – a statement to the world about what kind of place you’d like it to be. Of course, your loved ones will come first; but with a gift to Sense, you can bring happiness to deafblind and disabled children, too. 

Sense has been there for families living with deafblindness and complex disabilities for over 65 years. It was founded by two mothers, Peggy Freeman and Margaret Brock, who wanted to give their children lives full of joy and connection. 

Today, we support deafblind and disabled people all over the UK, helping them to find that same joy. Gifts in Wills fund a third of our work supporting children and adults with complex disabilities. 

Your gift to Sense could go towards:

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How to leave a gift in your Will

Making or changing a Will to include Sense is straightforward. All you need to do is chat to a solicitor. 

As a Sense supporter, you could use our Sense Free Wills service for this. Prefer to find your own solicitor? You can find one using the Law Society website, or by calling them on 020 7242 1222.

Before you go to the solicitor, it’s a good idea to think about what type of gift you’d like to leave. We’re so grateful for any gifts in Wills – even 1% of your estate could make a huge difference to the people we support!

These are the three main types of gifts in Wills.

A share of your estate

After family and friends are provided for, you can leave a percentage of what remains to Sense. This is known as a residuary gift.

A cash gift

You can choose to leave an exact sum of money (or pecuniary gift) to Sense. It’s worth reviewing this type of gift from time to time, as inflation can change its value.

A specific gift

You can also choose to leave us a specific gift, for example, a piece of furniture, jewellery or even a property.

Are you hoping to leave money in a Trust to care for someone who is deafblind or living with complex disabilities? Read more about planning for the future security of a loved one.

“My son, who has learning difficulties, lost his sight and Sense has been there for him ever since. He has thrived with their support and this is why I have chosen to leave a gift to Sense in my Will so that they can continue helping people who are deafblind long into the future.”

Mr Christopher Coffin, parent and Sense supporter

You can also give a donation to Sense in memory of a loved one. We would be honoured to support you in your fundraising to celebrate the life of someone special to you. Find out more here and give in memory.

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