Art for disabled people

Chloe’s parents, Wayne and Laura, share their story. With special thanks to Tim, our former music artist, and players from Orchestra of the Swan.

Let’s create

We believe in art’s power to help people communicate and experience the world. That’s why we empower disabled people to express themselves through art, music and dance. 

We’ve partnered with the  Arts Council  to expand this vision and help more people discover art, music and dance – no matter their skill level or experience. 

Our arts, music and dance programmes are open to people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities. We also welcome their families to join our sessions.  

A man plays a synthesiser whist another leans into the microphone singing

Our approach to arts

Art is enjoyable and empowering. It’s a chance to be curious and bold, and to express yourself freely. No matter your background or ability level.

  • Discover your creative potential. 
  • Connect with others in an inclusive environment.  
  • Collaborate with deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent artists. 

Our team

A man leans over to chat to a boy in a wheelchair. His painted artwork sits in his lap.

We think of inclusive art practices as the starting point for creating great art – not an afterthought. Our classes are led by acclaimed artists with decades of experience in developing accessible art, music and dance practices.

They’ve pioneered new approaches and technology to help disabled people participate in the arts. 

Where are we based?

Map of Sense arts locations in UK

We provide a fully accessible environment for you to learn and create. We combine the use of accessible, everyday materials with groundbreaking technology to help you develop your skills.

We’re in 8 locations across the UK:

  • Aldeby, Norfolk
  • Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Caerphilly, Wales
  • Dereham, Norfolk
  • Dover, Kent
  • Loughborough, East Midlands
  • Rotherham, South Yorkshire
  • Warrington, Cheshire

Get in touch to learn more about our fully accessible venues and our upcoming events near you.

We support artists to develop their career

Two people in an art studio smiling and talking. They are wearing aprons.

We partner with artists to showcase their work and to provide pathways for career development within the arts.

We also run workshops and courses on how to create accessible art programmes. These are aimed at professionals who are interested in making creative and artistic workshops, events or exhibitions accessible to deafblind or disabled people.

  • Artists
  • Practitioners
  • Creative organisations
  • Teachers
  • Support staff

Our information hub for professionals has resources and guidance on how to incorporate sensory tools and inclusive techniques into their teaching or practice.