Day services

At our centres all over the UK, we offer a huge range of daytime activities for adults with complex disabilities.

“I come four days a week. I like it. I do crafts, baking and I join in the [adult education] classes. Today I’ve done map reading.

John, who is supported at Coleridge Road, Rotherham

Our day services offer the chance to learn, grow in confidence and try all sorts of interesting and fun things. 

You might want to learn a new life skill, like cooking or using public transport. Or you might try your hand at pottery, or take a trip in one of our wheelchair-accessible vehicles to a local theatre. 

Whatever you want to try, it’s always your choice. We tailor our support to you.

Opportunities with Sense

At Sense, the term “day services” covers a huge range of opportunities. Depending on where you live and your interests, you might want to try:

Sense College

Do you want to build up your life skills, or work towards an educational qualification?

Sense College is an independent specialist college for people aged 16-25 with complex disabilities.

  • Swimming and hydrotherapy.
  • Cookery and baking. 
  • Fun fitness classes like dance, yoga, Tai Chi or zumba.
  • Training in key life skills, like using public transport, libraries or shops.
  • Messy sensory sessions.
  • Making arts and crafts, including digital art, pottery, woodwork and more. 
  • Activities in the community, like horse riding, trampolining or climbing.
  • Music sessions.
  • Growing things and gardening.
  • Relaxing in a multi-sensory room, experiencing different colours, sounds and textures.
  • Learning how to use IT and technology.
  • Taking day trips to the cinema, theatre, zoo or natural beauty spots.

“You have one-to-one and you can decide what you want to do. They are supportive, friendly, patient and good at listening.”

Donna, who is supported on Rawmarsh Road, Rotherham

Who Sense day services are for

A young woman wearing glasses laughing, with hands clapping in the foreground.

Sense day services are for adults who are deafblind, have multi-sensory impairment or have complex disabilities.

Everyone is different, but complex disabilities could mean that you have two or more of the following:

  • Sensory impairment
  • Learning disability
  • Physical disability
  • Autism

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Not sure if our support is right for you or your loved one? Speak to a member of our team to find out more about who we support.

“I come three days a week. I like it. I do swimming, trampoline, cookery. Cookery is my favourite.” 

Marcus, who is supported in Barnet, Hertfordshire

How to access Sense day services

You could be referred to Sense day services by:

  • Your social worker or transition worker.
  • Your GP or another health professional.
  • Your family or a friend.
  • Yourself.

We’ll meet you to get to know you, your strengths and your needs. If we feel like we can offer the right support for you, we’ll offer a place on our services.

Who pays for day services?

Sense day services can be funded by continuing health care, social care budgets or personal care budgets, including direct payments.

Find out more about paying for care and support when you have complex disabilities.

Want to try something new?

Get in touch to find out more about our day services for people with complex disabilities.