Miss Jacqui

Miss Jacqui is a Poet and Songwriter who knows a great deal about working with the cards that you are dealt. She is someone who always tries to challenge societal perceptions, like what it actually means to be a black woman with a disability. A wheelchair user herself, Miss Jacqui wants her poetry and music to help her listeners to see the world differently, and to inspire others to feel confident in being themselves. 

Miss Jacqui has spent over 15+ years creating, performing, and advocating for change in different industries. 

Miss Jacqui has performed at various locations like the 2012 Paralympic Team Welcoming Ceremonies as well as the Opening Ceremony, Southbank Centre, The Barbican, and Roundhouse to name a few. She has also worked with Graeae, Oily Cart, Theatre Royal Stratford East, National Youth Theatre, The Poetry Society, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Battersea Arts Centre, Upswing, and More.  

Miss Jacqui believes that creativity can be a universal language and in her spare time, she is devoted to the exploration of poetry, music, song writing, and of course performing. Her debut EP “Perception” was a bold step in establishing herself and her disabled activism within the walls of the music industry. 

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Artist details

Lives: London, UK

Themes: Disability Activism, Advocacy, Empowerment 

Media: Poetry and Song writing 

Website: www.missjacqui.co.uk

Instagram: @iAmMissJacqui

Facebook: @iAmMissJacqui

YouTube: MissJacquiOfficial