“Capsize” is an evolving epic. Setting sail with a mellow Bowie-esque breeze before turning completely over into a vast sea of euphoric hard rock, with inspiration from Led Zep, Biffy Clyro and Muse.

The song is written as advice to someone who is struggling through a time of panic or anxiety, using ideas of optimistic nihilism, mindfulness and self-belief. Its often easy to get caught up in thoughts and worries about the future, and how things might not end up like you want them to. The advice here is to take a deep breath, “remember that you don’t exist” and “let your vessel capsize”, relinquishing the ultimate control of your life to fate and trusting that it will be OK.

Date: 2022

Medium: Digital video

Theme: Wellbeing, meditation, nihilism, existentialism

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