Five reasons to hold a Sensational Tea Party

Hosting a Sensational Tea Party is your chance to have fun, drink tea and make a difference for people with complex disabilities. 

Here’s a breakdown of why it’s time to sign up to host a Tea Party. 

A woman with pink hair smiles as she holds a cup of tea. There are balloons behind her.

1. Get your friends and family together 

Everyone loves a reason to get together. Hosting a Sensational Tea Party will give a chance to see loved ones you might not have seen in a while, and have lots of fun while you do it!  

What’s more, each sip of tea will taste all the better knowing you’ll be raising vital funds for the work Sense does.  

2. Flex those creative muscles 

Sensational Tea Party is all about tickling the senses: can you surprise people with flavour? Can you wow people with colour and sparkles? Can you provide a squidge like no other with your cake? How can you make it sensational? 

A hand reaches out holding a plate of bourbon biscuits and custard creams.

3. Cake! Need we say more? 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but no Tea Party is complete without a good serving of cake. It’s the perfect reason to get your fill of that sugary, spongey goodness.  

And if you’re holding a Tea Party in your office, consider this a chance, once and for all, to crown the best baker in your workplace. 

4. Another excuse for a cuppa 

Your Tea Party doesn’t necessarily have to be a fancy affair – even if you’re getting together for a brew and a natter with some pals, it all counts. Make your Tea Party sensational in a way that suits you. 

Remember, you’re giving your cuppa an extra layer of goodness by raising money for charity while you do it.  

Young man signing at a tea party

5. A chance to get the fancy cups out 

And while your event doesn’t have to be fancy, if that’s your thing then go for it.  

We’ve seen that glorious china sitting at the back of your cupboard, untouched and gathering dust. Why not get it out, give it a rinse and show it off to all your Tea Party guests?  

Hold your own Sensational Tea Party

We want you to make a stir. Sign up to host a Sensational Tea Party to raise money for people with complex disabilities!