Streaming with Sense siblings brought Inara friends and adventure

Inara, age 9, is one of our budding Dungeons and Dragons masters! She’s gaming with us through the Sense Siblings service and loving it. She’s joined us to talk board games, online adventures and new friends.

I love gaming! For me, it’s a way to unwind and relax – you kind of don’t know what’s happening in the real world. I guess it’s a bit like reading; we use our imaginations to go on an adventure.

I’ve been going to the Sense Siblings sessions for nearly a year and a half now. We do lots of gaming stuff together and there are loads of new games I’ve tried now. But I have some favourites – like Dungeons and Dragons. That will always be my favourite board game.

We can be silly – that’s why it’s great!

In the Dungeons and Dragons sessions, at the very start we all create characters for ourselves. These are who we are in every game. Mine is Nova. I put ‘they/them’ for the gender. They’re a Tiefling, which means they’re a thief and, because most people don’t like Tieflings, they’re looking for a trusting team to accept them.

Inara’s character in Dungeons and Dragons, Nova.

We play for an hour each time, using Zoom. Someone from Sense is our Dungeon Master and they do our moves on the actual board.

Sense have given us all our own 20-sided dice, so we can all roll for our turns. If you get a high roll, you can do what you want – absolutely anything! It’s a very imaginative, fun adventure game.

Like, one time we were clearing out the Zombies from Tesco! There are some very silly things that happen. That’s why we love it.

I’ve loved D and D for a long time because my dad used to play when he was younger. He got me into it.

It’s nice to be with people who understand

I like being on the Siblings project. It’s nice to get to be with others like yourself, who understand how you’re feeling. I have a new friend who I met called Angel. She’s done lots of sessions with me and we always just make each other laugh so much. Sense said we could become Buddies too, so now we hang out with each other even more.

In the sibling sessions we get to do all of these fun things. I’m looking forward to the Among Us gaming session! Angel and I especially like the gaming. We can talk about our favourite games or play together. I have two favourite games I think, both on Nintendo. Harry Potter Lego game – I’ve completed the full story now – and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make Angel and I be Buddies. Round of applause for everyone – or a big sign language wave!

Will you Stream it for Sense?

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