Stream it for Sense

Play it, make it, sew it, do it. Go live and stream it for Sense.

Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or you’ve just got a hobby to show off, now is your time to fundraise for Sense.

Host a live broadcast through channels like Youtube, Tiktok or Twitch for a set amount of time. Treat your online community to your favourite activities like gaming, crafting or even just chatting whilst you ask for donations.

You’ll get loads of support and resources to make your stream a dream. The money you raise will change lives.

We’ll send you tips, assets to use on your stream like graphics and chat commands, and motivational stories to make your stream a success. Plus you’ll get one-to-one fundraising support from our amazing community fundraising team.

A man with brown hair and wearing a grey hoodie holds his hand up in front of his body while wearing a microphone headset

“Our stream for Sense was a massive success! The team and I were blown away by the response we got. People were popping up with messages, sending over donations – the whole stream was so full and way more fun than I was expecting.”

Zack, from the Tablethon fundraising group

How do I get involved:

  1. Sign up HERE so we know you are hosting a stream and can support it
  2. Set up a fundraising page on our Justgiving Stream it campaign page
  3. Set a date for your challenge and read through our resources
  4. Host your stream and have fun!

Common questions

I’m not totally sure what streaming is. Can I still help Sense?

Live streaming is broadcasting audio and video over the internet in real-time. You can certainly still hold an event, but you might want to look into what you will need to get started.

Check out some online resources here from Twitch or contact our Fundraising Team with any questions you might have.

If you’d rather take your fundraising offline you can still host an event like gaming, baking or singing to raise funds for Sense. We have plenty of ideas for you!

Where and when can I hold a Stream it event?

You can host an event anytime of the year you like from the comfort of your own home on your device or console.

How long do I have to stream for to take part?

You can stream as long as you are comfortable with. Many people host 6, 12 or 24 hour events and the longer your event the more you will raise, but please make sure you stay safe and work within your own limits.

For some people one hour is a huge challenge and remember your online community will support you however long you choose.

Can other people stream with me?

The more the merrier is certainly true with fundraising and if you have friends who want to help either on camera or behind the scenes that will mean more people will see you.

If you have multiple people involved streaming throughout a set time you can even link your Justgiving pages as a team to make it more personalised and encourage more donations.

Is it just for gamers?

Many people enjoy gaming streams, but you can do whatever you want. Embrace your interests and that will shine through in your time online and people will enjoy it and donate. 

I have another question

Contact the Community Fundraising Team who are on hand to help you.

Your support helps break down barriers

Society puts barriers up to disabled people, leaving people left out of life. At Sense, we break down those barriers. We get the obstacles out of the way so people can communicate, experience the world and fulfil their potential.

Lots of our work relies solely on support from people like you. Without you, we couldn’t run services like Virtual Budding, accessible (gloriously fun) holidays and inclusive play sessions for disabled children.

Your Stream it for Sense fundraising will help make the magic happen. Will you join us?