Black is Beautiful

Thelma Duru has worked at Sense for over six years. She’s one our incredible support workers at Horton Street, where she also holds the position of culture champion. For Thelma, Black History Month is a reason to celebrate black identity, in all its forms.

Every year, I recognise Black History Month by bringing some black culture into the heart of my workplace. We do cooking and try foods from different parts of the world – Jamaican, Ghanaian, Nigerian.

We’re also doing games and poetry reading. I love poetry. There are so many great poets from my country, Nigeria. I’ll be reading some work by black poets for our day of cultural celebration at Horton Street

I also write my own poetry. I wrote a piece in October 2021 to share with everyone at Sense. It’s titled Black is Beautiful.

This poem was written to make we, the blacks, proud of their colour. To make sure they know not to feel inferior or less human than people of white colour. Black people should be celebrated and not looked down on. That’s where equality and diversity comes in. Love and respect!

— Thelma

Black is Beautiful

From the colour of my skin, to the texture of my hair, to the length of my
strands, to the breath of my smile – Black is beautiful

It cannot be denied. It will not be contained and only I will define it. For
when I look in the mirror, my very soul cries out – Black is beautiful

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated, whether natural from
inside or skilfully applied – Black is beautiful

And so today in Beechwood House, Horton Street, I speak it out loud
unabashedly I declare it anew that – Black is beautiful

To all my black sisters, brothers, my colleagues and all individuals in Sense
homes, I speak for us all when I say again – Back is beautiful

What is Black History?

  • Black history is the dirt road our forefathers trod; memories of their lives branded in our hearts.
  • Black history is a peek into our ancestors times, a troubling truth and unapologetic past.
  • Black history is an entire race struggling to last and be accepted amongst other races. It’s all about Equality & Diversity. That’s why, here at Sense, we celebrate Black History, Equality and Diversity.
  • Black history is the phrase “Let Freedom Ring”. It’s our legacy of triumph without fear.

Today, we are moving forward. All thanks to those who changed a lot, back in the past. The likes of Rosa Parkes – because of her, black people can sit on the bus without a fuss. Martin Luther King – freedom fighter, I have a dream. That dream came to pass as Barack Obama made history for the black race as the first Black president of America.

Black history is every single experience of our history. It is the story of you and of me.

“I may be Black,
You may be White,
But I am somebody.”

We should unite and express all. One day, we will be successful, because we have BLACK HISTORY in our eyes.

Find out more about Black History Month at Sense.