Our audience

There’s a wide range of people who visit our website and social media, including: 

  • People we support, and people we might support in future. 
  • The parents, loved ones and carers of disabled people. 
  • Fundraisers, campaigners, donors and funding partners. 
  • Current and prospective employees, volunteers and trustees. 
  • Other stakeholders, such as professionals from local authorities, teachers and more. 

Remember, any of the users listed could be disabled or have accessibility needs.  

Some people who engage with our website or social media will know us already, others will be new to Sense. They may be unfamiliar with what we do, who we support and how we work. This is likely to be true of the people we’re most keen to reach – people who are deafblind and those with complex disabilities, and their parents, families and carers. We want these users to understand what Sense does without feeling overwhelmed by convoluted language or jargon.   

User personas

Meet some of the people who are engaging with our content: 

Marcus, aged 23, is a new dad. His six-week-old baby is deafblind and he’s feeling overwhelmed. What impact will this have on the rest of the family? How will he be able to support his daughter to navigate the world around her?  

Candice, aged 13, enjoys school and catching up with friends. She has cognitive disabilities and wants to be more adventurous and independent. She’s interested in finding out what activities she can get involved with through Sense. 

Janet, aged 48, is the CEO of a regional accountancy firm. She was injured in a car accident four years ago and now uses speech-to-text software. She’s interested in forming a partnership with a charity supporting disabled people and wants to find out more about Sense. 

Mohammed, aged 31, works in customer service and is looking to move out of the corporate sector. He’s visually impaired and is searching for roles within purpose-led organisations.