Play sessions for children with complex disabilities in Birmingham

A large, bright room with floor to ceiling windows running along one wall. In the room are two bright green sofas with cushions and soft toys on, a wooden table set up for a craft sessions with 5 wooden chairs around it, and 3 wooden storage units, shaped like houses full of colourful items.

Our children’s play service, Connect and Play, offers a range of free sessions at Sense TouchBase Pears and within the community in Birmingham to support children with complex disabilities.

Laura, Kelly and the rest of the team will help your family develop, communicate and connect in our children’s studio, a fun, safe environment full of sensory toys, musical instruments, books, crafts and lights!

What sessions are available in Birmingham

Below are the sessions that we’re currently running in Birmingham, find out more detail about our different sessions here.

  • Chill and Chat
  • Stay and play
  • Sensory Stories
  • After School Club
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Forest School
  • Saturday Club
  • Family Days
A young boy with blonde hair wearing a pale orange tshirt and a handmade mask is waving a ribbon in the air.

The team at Sense are what make our visits what they are. From the first moment we stepped in, we were made to feel welcome and comfortable. My child was allowed to be himself and my other child was included equality. We are so very grateful to have the team and to be able to attend.

Connect and Play service parent