Ending a session

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  • Celebrating achievements
  • Creating togetherness
  • Recognising personal development


  • Fun
  • Choice
  • Try something new

A Celebration can be introduced following any of the activities in this guide to sensory tennis. Simply choose an appropriate target number of hits, throws, catches for the participant to work towards, or challenge them to reach a personal best.

Remember to always celebrate their achievements using ribbons, clapping and cheering! Their achievements can be monitored over a number of weeks to track improvements.

Here are a few examples:

  • Push a ball five times back and forth with a partner using hand or racket.
  • Push a ball through five sets of gates made from two cones/markers.  
  • Tap a flying fish down onto a target area three times.
  • How many times out of 10 attempts can they hit a ball over the net when dropped by a partner?



  • To signal the end of the sensory tennis session.


  • Communication.

Create your handshake

Create something which represents the end of the tennis session. This could be a sound, colour, texture, movement or gesture, which participants understand to mean “we have now finished”. Come up with something which is meaningful for everyone in the group.

Examples could be:

  • A round of applause.
  • A red cone.
  • Tap rackets. 
  • Tap elbows.

Top Tips:

  • Whatever you choose, it’s important that it holds meaning and is understood by the participants.
  • This should be repeated at the same point every week, in order to help participants understand that they have now come to the end of the sensory tennis session.