Sensory tennis

What is sensory tennis?

Sensory tennis is a set of activities designed by Sense to make tennis accessible for people with complex disabilities.

We break the game up into smaller chunks of activity, like:

Do you work with someone with complex disabilities?

Find out more about how to run your own sensory tennis session in our guide for professionals.

  • Pushing a ball along the floor with a racket.
  • Bouncing and catching tennis balls.
  • Tapping a balloon to keep it in the air. 

Build up your coordination, your confidence and your tennis skills!

Who is sensory tennis for?

Anyone aged 18 or over with complex disabilities or sensory impairments.

We’ll adapt the session to meet your needs and experience level. So whether you’ve never picked up a racket before, or you’re a Wimbledon fanatic, come and have a go!

Any questions?

We’re here to support you, whether you’re a person with complex disabilities who wants to try sensory tennis, or a coach who’s organising a session!

Contact our sports team: [email protected]