Sense volunteer newsletter, October 2023

Check out our new Virtual Buddying Facebook Group! 

Hey Virtual Buddies, great news! We’ve created A Virtual Buddying Volunteer Facebook group for you all to join!

This is a private group where you can stay up to date with our upcoming group events, share ideas for sessions and meet other volunteers on the Virtual Buddying Project!  

If you want to join the group email [email protected] and we will send you a unique link to join. 

 A few things to be aware of: 

  • Please DO NOT add your Virtual Buddy or anyone else on social media, outside of this group. This is still a rule that is in place on the Virtual Buddying Project; we have made these groups private so you can chat to others as securely as possible and we want to respect everyone’s privacy.  
  • The group is not the place to ask the VB Team direct questions about your Buddying match, or to report concerns. We only check the comments in this group every 2-3 days, so please do not do this here. 
  • If you have a concern or safeguarding issue, you need to contact your staff member directly or contact the On-Call number as always. 
  • You will need to read and agree to the Group Rules before you can join. 

Buddying inspo

Stuck for ideas for new activities with your buddy? Here’s some inspiration:

Virtual buddying activities

International Day of Sign Languages

The International Day of Sign Languages fell on the 23rd September, why not celebrate with your buddy by attempting this video of 100 basic BSL signs. Check it out!

National Poetry Day

The 5th October is National Poetry Day, why not get creative and write some poetry with your buddy. You can make it even more tricky by incorporating some random words using the story dice in this game

Important information

Contact details

Virtual Buddying

If you have any safeguarding concerns during the coming month, please call or email your assigned Sense staff as soon as possible between the hours of 9am-5:00pm.  

If your concern is more urgent and you need to speak to someone immediately or during non-working hours, please use the Sense on-call number: 07557220433

Alice Green( Project Coordinator: [email protected], 07518902681

Deanne Echarri (Project Assistant): [email protected], 07816599138

Jerry Dawson (Project Assistant): [email protected], 07816643093

Sam Parkinson (Project Assistant): [email protected], 07816643187

Rosanna Lowe (Project Assistant): [email protected], 07967 274333


Email: [email protected]

Got an idea for how to improve Sense vounteering?

Got an idea for how to improve volunteering at Sense? Want to share some feedback? Or do you just want to ask a question and chat about your experience?

Contact us at [email protected].

Buddies – don’t forget your feedback!

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