Our Impact

We believe people thrive when they have the space for expression, individuality, connection and understanding.

For all of us, art plays a key role in living a rich and creatively diverse life. It supports social inclusion and builds confidence through learning new skills and making friends.

Over the last seven years, Sense Arts have delivered over 5,000 creative sessions, over 7,000 people have participated in a Sense Arts project and 30,000 people have seen their work at public events across the country.

We have trained 230 Sense social care colleagues in collaborative art-making.

We have trained 45 artists and staff from other organisations in disability awareness and inclusive art-making.

I feel that Sense Arts really helped me develop my art and make it accessible to people with complex disabilities and sensory impairments and help them to experience it. It has made me think harder and more creatively about ways to include them in my art-work.

Deaf Artist