How we spend your money

We’re driven by four priorities.

  1. Giving children and families the best possible start.
  2. Offering lifelong opportunities.
  3. Reducing isolation.
  4. Spreading awareness of deadblindness and complex disabilities.

We’re an efficient and well-run charity, and we manage our finances carefully to deliver the most impact for people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities, and their families.

Find out how Sense spends your donations

For every pound Sense receives, 79p is spent supporting people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities. The other 21p is put back to work to raise the next pound so we can do even more.  

Here’s a breakdown of how we spent the money we received in 2020/21.

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We spent £70.3m in 2020/21:

  • £45.8m on statutory supported living, residential care, community and day opportunities.
  • £3m on holidays and short breaks, arts, sports and wellbeing, specialist services for children and young people.
  • £2.2m on international programmes.
  • £1.8m on statutory specialist education.
  • £1.1m on Sense Touchbase Pears community hub.
  • £1.1m on campaigning, publicity and awareness.
  • £0.3m on quality and development of services.
  • £4m on fundraising and legacies.
  • £10.9m on Sense Trading.

How we raise money

Your life-changing support makes a world of difference.

  • £4.7 million was raised through monthly donations and appeals.
  • £4.1 million was raised by 177 people who left Sense a gift in their will.
  • More than 100,000 people supported Sense and our work in at least one way during 2020/21.
  • 833 groups, companies and individuals raised funds and awareness of Sense’s work across the country.
  • £3.1m raised from 500 funding applications to keep our support going through the pandemic.

Find out how you can support our life-changing work by taking part in an event, fundraising for Sense, or volunteering your time.

Sense is also commissioned by Local Authorities to deliver some of our services – in particular, supported living, community, day opportunities and specialist education – but we rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to sustain and grow the full range of life-changing work we do.

Here’s how we raise the money we need to support people with complex disabilities to live full, active, and meaningful lives.