Sense Arts

Sense is a care provider with high quality arts at its core. We believe everyone, no matter how complex their disabilities, deserves the right to enjoy a creative life.

Bringing together arts and social care

Sense Arts operates at the interface between arts and social care.

We believe that the arts should be at the very heart of great care and that people thrive when they have the space for expression, individuality, connection and understanding.

Established in 2012, Sense Arts creates inclusive and enriching experiences for people with complex disabilities. We run a diverse programme of learning and participation, with events, exhibitions, toolkits and digital content.

We love working with others to achieve greater cultural access and more opportunities for people with disabilities. As an artist, organisation or social care service, we can offer you advice, support and training.

Our programme offers time and space for you to connect and create at your own pace. We support disabled people as art-makers and as leaders in their creative field. We’re proud to work with people of all ages and abilities and create new opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to come together through the arts.

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