Sense Sign School

Mr Tyrese waving and wearing a blue blazer and orange tie for Sense Sign School

Join a school like no other

Every sign you learn will help you chat with Deaf people like me. By taking away some of the barriers that make communication hard for some people, you’ll be helping to make the world better for everyone, so no one ever has to feel left out.

You’ll learn from me and the teachers in our team, Miss Maria, Miss Leila, Mr Fernando, Miss Teegan and Mr George. We’ll teach you signs for topics such as, feelings, weather, family, hobbies, food, animals and jobs.

Each month you’ll receive your Sense Sign School pack in the post and emails from the teachers, encouraging you on your sign language learning journey.

BSL is also a really great life skill to have, and I’ll make it fun too!

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“My daughter Arabella is picking it all up so quickly. She can use over 30 signs now. It only takes her a few days to learn them.”

Alex, mum of two

Learning BSL rocks with Sense Sign School!

Learning a new language is a great way to sharpen the mind!
Sign language helps you engage more senses, like touch and sight.
Finding it easy to talk to you could mean the world to a deaf person like me.

Here’s what you can look forward to in Sense Sign School:

  • A new teacher will help you learn a new topic, like animals or hobbies.

  • You’ll get a set of sign cards each time, and a guide to help you practice.

  • Go online to learn more, anytime you like.

  • Your gift will help people with disabilities like me live the way they want to.

Everyone’s a winner! There won’t even be any tests…aren’t I nice?

“Enormously big huge thank you!!! The material is AWESOME!! And perfectly pitched for my daughter, her sisters, our family and school. I love the way it’s all packaged up in bite-sized themes, and ones that are important for everyday life and communication.”

Nicki, mum
Mr Tyrese's hand waving as part of Sense Sign School

No need to raise your hand!

If you’ve got any questions, the good people at Sense have got the answers. They’ve put together some frequent questions to help.

I hope to be seeing your name on the register soon!

Over and out,
Mr. Tyrese