The General Election 2024

Putting disabled people at the heart of government 

The stakes of the 2024 General Election are high. For people with complex disabilities, they’ve never been higher.  

Disabled people are struggling to pay for essentials like food and energy. The social care sector has collapsed, and the welfare system is in urgent need of reform. 

We’re calling for transformative change for disabled people from the next UK government.  

Anna Teasdale and Charlie similing towards the camera

“Disabled households like mine are struggling right now. The next government, whoever it may be, needs to make sure disabled people and their families are no longer feeling neglected and fearing for the future.”

Anna Tesdale, mother and campaigner

Seven ways the next UK government can improve the lives of disabled people 

See our key recommendations at a glance, or read the full plan for change here.  

1. Make sure disabled people can afford the essentials 

  • Introduce a social energy tariff.

  • Reinstate disability cost of living payments.

  • Urgently set up an Extra Costs Task Force.

  • Improve the Warm Home Discount.

2. Fund social care so no disabled adult goes without support 

  • Set out a 10-year funding plan for adult social care.

  • Make sure that the social care system does more than meet basic needs.

  • Set out a fully-funded workforce plan.

  • Make reforms with people with complex disabilities in mind.

  • Bring home disabled people living in hospitals.

3. End the postcode lottery of social care for disabled children 

  • Close the funding gap in children’s social care services.

  • Simplify the legal framework for disabled children’s social care.

  • Represent disabled children in parliament.

  • Give disabled children fair access to short breaks.

  • Make family hubs accessible to all.

4. Give every disabled child equal access to education 

  • Invest £34 million in an MSI Teacher Fund.

  • Hold local authorities accountable for long EHCP waiting times.

  • Bring in a long term funding plan for SEND.

  • Simplify the process for parents navigating the system.

5. Make the benefits system work for disabled people 

  • Review benefits payments to cover the cost of essentials.

  • Make PIP and UC applications more accessible.

  • Consider a wide range of evidence when assessing benefits claims.

6. Tackle barriers to work 

  • Introduce a £5 million Jobcentre Assistive Technology Fund.

  • Reform Access to Work and Disability Confident.

7. Always have a senior Minister for Disabled People  

  • Always have a Minister for Disabled People at a senior level.

  • Place disabled people at the heart of policy-making.

  • Expand and prioritise the Cabinet Office’s Disability Unit.

Read the full plan for change

To find out more, contact our policy, public affairs and research team: [email protected]