Optimising your JustGiving page

Whatever you activity to choose, the best fundraising journeys start with JustGiving. We’re sharing top ten tips to take your fundraising page to the next level.

From long-distance cycle rides to front yard plant sales, fundraising comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. What matters is that set yourself a goal that you’re comfortable with and have fun along the way! With JustGiving, it’s so easy to do.

There are lots of different online fundraising platforms, like GoFundMe and Crowdfunded. We recommend opting for JustGiving because it’s really easy to use. Steps that can feel complicated, like paying in your funds to Sense, are automatically taken care of.

Setting up a JustGiving page is a brilliant way to tell your story and collect sponsorship money. The more information you have about you, your event and your connection to Sense the better.

Our top ten tips for optimising your JustGiving page

  • 1. Upload a photo.
    Boost your fundraising potential with some vibrant visuals! Pages featuring fun pictures or engaging videos can raise 14% more per image. This is a simple way to increase contributions and bring your audience closer to you. Keep adding photos to provide fresh content and more ways for people to get invested in your fundraiser.
  • 2. Set a target.
    Let people see that you’re striving for success with an ambitious fundraising goal! Pages with a predefined target get a whopping 46% more donations. Aim high and watch your supporters rally behind your cause to help you reach and exceed your goal.
  • 3. Link your Strava to your JustGiving page.
    Did you know that you can keep your backers in the loop on your training journey by connecting your Strava to your JustGiving page? This dynamic link allows your supporters to follow your progress and champion you every step of the way.
  • 4. Push your page post event.
    Don’t let the momentum fade after your challenge concludes. A substantial 20% of donations roll in post-event. Leverage this trend by actively promoting your page after the challenge, encouraging supporters to contribute as they witness your triumphant finish.
  • 5. Donate to yourself.
    Kickstart your fundraising efforts by making a personal donation to your JustGiving page. Surprisingly, those who top up their own donations witness an 84% increase from other supporters on average. Lead by example, your supporters will be close behind you.
  • 6. Share and share again.
    Amplify your impact by sharing your JustGiving page across lots of different platforms. Whether through social media or text messages, spreading awareness can catapult your donations. Shared pages boast a 64% higher activation rate and raise 440% more than unshared pages.
  • 7. Tell your story.
    You don’t have to be a wordsmith to get people interested in your story. Opening up and sharing your personal experiences, in whatever form suits you, is a powerful act. Your story is the first thing visitors see on your JustGiving page, so make it captivating and emotionally resonant. Sharing your motivations for supporting Sense will forge a deeper connection with potential donors.
  • 8. Join a team.
    Enhance your fundraising strategy by teaming up with others. Pages affiliated with a collective effort experience a 10% uptick in their average fundraising total. Unite with fellow participants to boost your impact, inspire joint contributions and enjoy a larger crowd cheering you on!
  • 9. Show your supporters the difference their donation is making.
    Your JustGiving page is a great spot for educating your supporters on how their contributions make a difference. Share the Sense shopping list on your JustGiving page to illustrate where the funds are allocated. Transparency builds trust and encourages continued support.
  • 10. Use a QR code.
    Simplify the donation process by creating a JustGiving QR code. This feature directs supporters straight to your page, streamlining their giving experience. Make contributing to your amazing efforts as seamless as possible for your backers!

If you need any support with setting up your JustGiving page, or with any of the tips listed above, please get in touch with our events team. You can email them on [email protected] or call them on 020 3833 0602.