What kind of fundraiser are you?

So, you’ve set up your JustGiving page – now what? Deciding on a fundraising activity can take a bit of time, and it’s worth making sure you pick an activity that suits you. Remember, fundraising is meant to be fun! Our guide to finding your ‘fundraising personality’ can help match you up with an idea you’ll love.

Not everyone has the same idea about what counts as fun. A big sponsored cycle adventure is one person’s dream and another’s sweaty nightmare. And you’ll find some of your friends would rather donate not to take part in large-scale events like community charity quizzes. It’s all about choosing wisely.

Before you sign up to take on a fundraising challenge, take some time to reflect. Your personality, strengths and preferences could make you much better suited to some events over others. We want you to find your groove and enjoy the experience of raising money for Sense! That’s why we created this guide on the four personalities of fundraisers.

Find out which one feels most like you, and see what kind of activities you might want to explore.

The workaholic

As a workaholic you probably don’t have much free time – certainly not enough to be planning fundraisers anyway. Fear not, you don’t need to look further than your workplace to get fundraising! We’ve got loads of ideas for breaking the ice with colleagues and shaking up the usual working week:

  • Lunchtime ‘TED Talk’: There’s bound to be someone in your office with a special skill or experience that other people want to learn more about. It might even be you! Organising a lunchtime ‘TED Talk’ can be as simple as herding colleagues into a meeting room or arranging for a speaker to visit the cafeteria. Donations from attendees will soon stack up.
  • Themed dress day: Christmas jumper day comes but once a year, so why not add some other themed dress days to the office calendar? From pyjama days to brand colour outfits (ours are orange and purple), you can encourage a bit of healthy competition and collect donations from anyone taking part.
  • Office Olympics: Inject some movement into your workdays with a bit of in-office sport! From stationery cupboard classics like elastic band flicking and speed typing competitions to synchronised chair swivelling. Keep score and keep the games going all year long.

The do-er

Do you find yourself feeling happier when your hands and mind are occupied? Perhaps you have a skilled hobby like gardening or painting? Well, for you practical and creative do-ers, here are fundraising ideas will enable you to get hands-on:

  • Upcycling: If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush and a sander, then you could use your powers for good and get upcycling! Look out for things listed as ‘free’ on Facebook Marketplace and see if you can spruce them up. Any profit you make from selling it on could go into your Sense fundraising pot – you’ll find that people love buying from a not-for-profit project.
  • Plant sale: Do you consider yourself a bit of a green-fingered master gardener? You could raise money without even trying! Grow some seedlings or take cuttings and set up a little plant stall. You can leave this outside your house with an honesty box and encourage people to buy a plant for charity.
  • Skills class: From guitar and British Sign Language to woodwork and nail art, we all have skills to offer. If you or someone you know would be confident in sharing their hobby with others in a tutorial or workshop, then this is a wonderful way to raise donations. You can run in-person or virtual sessions and use some of this time to explain more about who Sense is and why you’re supporting us.

The organiser

Known as the host who always gives the most, you’ll jump at these opportunities to get your friends and family together for some entertainment. Exercise your ability to rally people together, form plans and make lasting memories. Here are some ideas to get you social butterflies started:

  • Pub quiz: A classic fundraising idea that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you love a bit of planning. You may be able to join forces with a quiz at your local pub, or you could create your own from scratch. This is something that’s easily held online too, so feel free to invite friends and family from across the world!
  • Dinner party: This fundraising idea is more than just another event, it’s a chance to shine! Organise a charity dinner party and encourage your nearest and dearest to make a donation for a spot at the table. Soon your JustGiving page will be inundated with donations and five-star reviews for your evening of food and laughter.
  • Board game night: Everyone loves a good board game, so why not take things up a level and host an evening full of them! Ask those around you to bring their favourite board game along and let the games begin. Whether it’s a strategic showdown or a friendly competition, think about how you can encourage donations at every turn – £5 for another go, or £10 to swap for a new hand of cards.

The daredevil

A daredevil fundraiser is someone who truly embraces the thrill of stepping out of their comfort zone. There’s no telling what you’ll do in order to reach your fundraising target! Shave your hair, run 5 km everyday for a month or give up coffee – if these challenges sound like something you’d tackle head-on to boost your fundraising, then you are the daredevil fundraiser.

  • Dye your hair: Feeling really daring? Dye your hair orange and/or purple for Sense! Encourage your community to sponsor this vibrant transformation, and you could even set a fundraising milestone, letting your supporters determine when you’ll take the colorful plunge.
  • Fancy dress: Spice up your fundraising by putting on your wackiest fancy dress outfit for a day! Ask for donations towards this sartorial stunt and take yourself out onto the streets for maximum impact! The wackier the better – ever considered spending a day dressed as an inflatable cow?
  • You choose: Grant your supporters the ultimate power by letting them set challenges for you to conquer, all in the name of donations, of course. It adds an exciting element of surprise to your fundraising journey, making it more interactive and engaging for everyone involved.