Top tips for smashing your fundraising target online

Got a big fundraising event coming up? Here are eight surefire ways to maximise your donations!

A man wearing a Sense vest reaches out to supporters while running the London marathon.

So, you’ve signed up for a fundraising event. You’ve laced up your new running shoes, dusted off your hiking boots or freshly pumped your bike tyres. Now what?

Fundraising can seem a little daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. But don’t worry: when you’re part of the fundraising family at Sense, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Here are our top eight tips for making the most out of your online fundraising page. It’s all about being loud, proud and keen to share your journey with your supporters. 

Sense is always here to support our fantastic fundraisers. If you’ve got any questions, reach out to our friendly fundraising team!

1. Give yourself a goal

Did you know that fundraising pages with a target raise around 46% more money? 

Setting a goal at the beginning of your fundraising can help motivate both you and your generous donors. Plus, lots of fundraising events will set targets for you – and some might even give away free medals, t-shirts or other goodies for those who smash their goal!

2. Tell a story 

Your family and friends will want to know why you’re taking part in a challenge. Your fundraising page should get right to the heart of it: tell a compelling story, whether that’s yours, or a story you read on the Sense website that made you want to get involved.

If you’re taking part in our Run For challenge, we’ll match you with a child supported by Sense, so you know exactly who you’re running for (and you can share their story!). Find out more about how to sign up for Run For. 

3. Get snap happy 

Make sure you upload a profile picture to your page. Pages with pictures normally raise around 14% more – so now’s not the time to be camera shy! 

4. Make the first move 

Once you get your first donation, the rest tend to start rolling in! Support yourself by making the first gift to get things started.

5. Share your journey on social media

Add photos, log your training progress and mark your achievements and milestones on your Instagram, Twitter or whatever platform you regularly use. All of this helps to build momentum, and remind people who haven’t donated yet of what you’re doing.

Your sponsors will also love to see what you’ve been up to – after all, they’re your own special team of supporters. You should be proud – so shout it from the rooftops! 

James and Nike, a white man and a black woman dressed in athletic clothes, running through a park and smiling at each other.

6. Make your sponsors feel special 

Your sponsors will love finding out the difference their donation is going to make. If you chat to the friendly team at Sense, we’d be happy to give you a fundraising pack full of facts and figures about how your money helps our vital work. 

Adding statistics and figures to your page will help your sponsors understand the real difference they’re making.

7. Teamwork makes the dream work 

Why not form a team of family or friends, all taking part in the same challenge?

If there’s more of you working together, you’ll have even more visibility. Combining forces can lead to a lot more donations. 

8. It’s not over until it’s over 

Not hit your target before the day of your challenge? Don’t worry!

A whopping 20% of donations come in after an event has ended, so make sure you update your page after you’ve completed your challenge to give your total a final boost.

It’s important to stay active on your fundraising page right up until the very end, and let everyone know how the big day went. 

Want to run, walk or cycle to raise money for Sense?

Whatever your speed, we’ve got something for you. Find a fundraising event that you can take part in.