Having a Virtual Buddy gives me something to look forward to

Chris first met his Virtual Buddy, Andrew, in 2020. He explains the impact it’s had.

The first lockdown started off quite nice for me. I am used to living on my own and staying at home for long periods of time.

If I get bored, I can read articles on the internet, or listen to the tv or radio. So there was no lack of things to do, but I was missing my family and being able to go out.

It was difficult not to feel isolated

Usually, my family would meet for meals or to go out shopping. We all live in the same town so there is always an opportunity for us to get together. My favourite thing to do was to visit the town centre, go for a quiet drink and eat at one of my favourite restaurants.

All that had to stop when the lockdown took hold. It gave me an opportunity to catch up on the books I had on my list but it was difficult not to feel isolated.

Often I chat to my Virtual Buddy for over an hour

Speaking with Andrew has been great for me. We had our first conversation in the May 2020 and rarely have we missed one.

Most of the time, we’re on the phone for well over an hour discussing activities, current affairs or politics. Having our calls regularly give me something to look forward to every week.

It’s vital to have someone to talk to

These sessions have made me realise how important it is to have someone to talk to.

During this time, everyone needs at least one person they can communicate with otherwise they can start to feel isolated. Having Andrew at the other end of the phone has been really valuable in preventing those feelings of isolation.

I can’t wait until we can meet in person to discuss the world.

Get a Virtual Buddy

You can get a Virtual Buddy, just like Chris. It’s free and for anyone with disabilities looking for a friend in the UK.