Our impact

Thanks to your support, in 2019/20, more than 14,000 people benefitted from our many different services.

Thanks to you, 14,000 adults and children who are deafblind or have complex disabilities were supported in our services in 2019/20.  Sense has also inspired people to take action, encouraging people to learn British Sign Language and to ask government to create policies so that no one with complex disabilities is left out of life.

You have helped Sense:

“We need to be treated like equal people – I like being who I am”


Our work makes breakthrough moments possible

We’re passionate about ensuring every child and adult with complex disabilities gets the help they deserve. We’re determined to provide a place where everyone belongs, where difference is valued and no one is left out.

Everyone connected to Sense has responded with dedication, creativity, care and generosity since the pandemic hit. It’s meant we have continued to be here for the people we support and our specialist skills have continued to shine through.

We could not have achieved this without you. Thank you.


Young girl wearing glasses and sitting in a wheelchair outdoors, smiling at the camera with a young boy standing behind her, also smiling at the camera.

Children and families get the best possible start

It’s vital children like Jessica who are born deafblind or have complex disabilities get help really early. Sense specialists have the expertise to understand a child’s ways of communicating. In partnership with parents or carers, we support each and every child to learn and grow in confidence.


“Nicky, a Sense Children and Family Support worker, introduced us to the Mini Magpies group. They do really good things”

Louise, Jessica’s mum

Sense's impact last year:

  • 1,591 people, including families and professionals, joined our awareness-raising sessions.
  • 439 families came to 54 Sense events for information, support and fun.
  • 210 Sense pre-school group sessions took place across the country.

Woman with short hair, sitting indoors, wearing glasses and a grey jumper, smiling at the camera.Adults get support to live and learn

Sense helps people with complex disabilities like Tracey to open doors that would otherwise be closed to them. We never give up on a person’s potential to learn and make life choices.

“I got my own place now. My mam and I decorated my room.”


Sense's impact last year:

  • Seven more Sense supported living schemes opened, including our first ones in Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • 2,090 disabled people attended over 1,000 sports and physical activity sessions.
  • 336 adults benefitted from our Sense Day Opportunities.
  • 248 young people enjoyed specialist education at one of our nine Sense Colleges.

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Man and woman, sitting on a sofa and smiling at the camera.People are less lonely and more connected

Sense supports people like Darran to build their confidence, become more independent, be active in their community and find a route out of loneliness.

“Without someone like Vicky [my Sense Communicator Guide] it would be unbearable.”


Sense's impact last year:

  • Young people enjoyed 5,195 hours of friendship and fun with their volunteer Sense buddies.
  • Almost 2,000 people benefitted from our Sense Arts and Wellbeing activities.
  • 346 people received support from Sense Community Support services.
  • Our leaders and volunteers gave 104 holidaymakers of all ages a memorable time.

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Young man wearing a shirt, tie and braces, standing next to a blackboard which reads ‘Sense Sign School with Mr. Tyrese’. Below a caption reads ‘Let me teach you something new #SenseSignSchool’People inspired to take action

We want to bring about the day when no one with complex disabilities is left out of life.

We’re committed to spreading the word about our vital work and to ensuring those who are deafblind or living with complex disabilities are heard about what matters to them.


“I liked being the centre of attention! It was nice my ideas and knowledge of BSL were listened to.”


Sense's impact last year:

  • 50,000 people signed up to Sense Sign School to learn British Sign Language.
  • Our campaign for joined-up policymaking succeeded. A Cabinet Office unit is now working on a cross-government disability policy.
  • Sense featured in the BBC One Lifeline Appeal, reaching 2.5 million people and raising over £20,000.
  • We answered nearly 3,800 enquiries providing vital specialist information, guidance and signposting to individuals, families, carers and professionals.

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