Gender pay at Sense 2023

Reporting our April 2023 Gender Pay Gap

Our gender pay data for 2023

On the snapshot date of 5 April 2023, we calculated our gender pay gap to be:

  • Median: 3.1% (up 2.7% from 0.4%)
  • Mean: 8.82 % (up 1.42% from 7.4%)

This maintains our results over a number of years, as shown in the table below:

Mean Gender Pay Gap7.86%8.73%9.50%7.99%8.30%7.74%8.82%
Median Gender Pay Gap1.90%2.28%1.50%0%0%0.41%3.1%

Our gender split for each pay quartile was as follows, with Quartile 1 being the upper pay quartile, Quartile 4 the lower pay quartile:

GenderQuartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4

Our overall proportion of female to male employees is unchanged at 80% female and 20% male. There have been slight variations in our proportions by quartile.

Proportion of males in all quarters over the years:

Quartile 125%26%26%26%25%24%25%
Quartile 225%20%20%18%17%17%19%
Quartile 320%17%17%19%20%20%18%
Quartile 421%24%20%21%19%18%17%

This year we have 2,819 “relevant employees” and 2,643 “full-pay relevant employees”: these are defined in the UK gender pay gap legislation and help organisations to work out which employees to count when calculating their gender pay gap.


This year the organisation continues it’s reporting of a limited median pay gap, although there is an increase within our mean pay gap at 8.82% this is below the national UK average of 14.3%. The increases within our median and mean pay gap this year is due to recently implemented new systems and processes which will allow better identification of this data and associated trends. As a result, we will be reviewing the data regularly throughout the next 12 months to address gaps where possible.

Our gender pay gap is also impacted by the increase of the number of males within the upper quartiles in comparison to the other quartiles. Although the variance is not untypical of that seen in different years since statutory reporting began in 2017. 

Continued development of inclusive recruitment practices will hopefully diversify our upper quartiles.

It’s important to us at Sense that we continue to ensure our reward and recognition strategies support us in retaining, developing, and including all employees throughout our organisation.