Our partnership with Thames Water

We've teamed up with Thames Water to make sure you and your family are prioritised when you need it most.


Did you know that if you need a little extra support - and your water is supplied by Thames Water - you can sign up for their free priority services register?

Thames Water's priority services help thousands of people every year. If you, or someone you know, could use a little extra support, they’ll be there to offer a helping hand. They can tailor their communications to suit your needs and offer dedicated support if your water stops flowing. By getting to know your individual needs, they can always give you the right kind of support.

“Water is one of the most important things that we rely on and is important to us as a family. Belonging to the priority service with Thames Water gives us a great peace of mind that if we had any difficulties with our water supply, they’re prioritising us. Because of our individual needs we feel like we’re recognised, valued and cared for."

Daisy, whose daughter is supported by Sense