TIK TOK vs Virtual Buddies challenge

Hey Virtual Buddies


The first challenge has started. If you sign up now you will be added to the list ready for the second challenge starting in October!

Got something different for you all to do! It’s social, challenging and best of all... FUN!!!

So… you’ve all heard of TIK TOK challenges… well this year, Virtual Buddying is starting its own Challenge series. This means everyone can have a go without the worry of posting anything on social media! It’s just fun between us virtual buddies.

Just like on TIK TOK, one buddy pair will start a challenge, it might be something you have seen and wanted to do on TIK TOK or something different. They will record on zoom their challenge, with an explanation of what it is and what we have to do, and then send it to us here at Virtual Buddies.

We will then send it out to all who want to be involved only!
So, you can watch it and practise it before submitting your version of the challenge.
Get creative, add music and have fun!!!

We will then set a date once all entries are back in, to meet up on zoom and watch all of the challenges. This will be a fun interactive session open to all ‘challengees’.
During this zoom session, we can decide who is going to start the next challenge!

The challenges are only small and should last 15 seconds to a minute.

If you would like to be involved and give it a go you must complete the consent form in the link which will be sent via email when you sign up.
Just because we will be watching the videos together on zoom.

Please be aware, that if you would like to start a challenge, the video will be shared to the other buddies joining in so they can watch it and do their version.

If you DO NOT want your video to be shared to the other buddies, don’t worry… you can still join in. You just can’t start a challenge, but you can still do the challenge and submit your video to Virtual Buddying for the zoom session only. This makes it inclusive to all.

Give each challenge a go, even if you can’t do one, it doesn’t matter. Giving it go will only cause laughs and fun. I am sure I will fall over on some dance challenges!!!

There is no closing date so you can join in when you like. If you have joined up and the challenge is coming to an end, just wait. You will be sent the details for the next challenge instead as this is ongoing for as long as you all want it to.

Let me know if you would like to start a challenge and I will pull a name from a hat to start the ball rolling.