Seated Yoga | Telephone

Our seated yoga classes are a fun and friendly, low-impact way to keep active. Calm the mind and move the body, gently following the instructions provided by our expert teacher.

Taking part in this activity will help you to remain independent and social, and build physical skills such as strength and flexibility which will support you to carry out everyday tasks.

These sessions are delivered over the telephone offering you to opportunity to enjoy yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Who’s it for?

This activity is relaxed and gentle, and can be taken at the pace of the participant. Progressions can be provided to challenge participants, if desired. This activity is suitable for individuals 50+.

About our activity leader

Our seated yoga class is led by qualified yoga teacher Sally, who is experienced in teaching yoga to people with complex disabilities, of all ages.

For more information

For more information or support with booking this activity, please contact Jake Williams by either [email protected] or 07341859006