Could you benefit from the Thames Water Priority Services Register?

Did you know that if you need a little extra support – and you’re a Thames Water customer  – you can sign up for their free Priority Services Register?

“It puts me at ease that Thames Water are out there doing something to try and be there for people like me and other disabled people.”


They support thousands of people every year, making life a little easier with services including:

  • Tailored communications to suit your needs (for example, if you need your bills in braille or large print).
  • A dedicated phone line you can call for support at any time.
  • A doorstep password to help you feel confident it’s Thames Water at the door.

By getting to know your individual needs, they can always give you the right kind of support. 

Video transcript

Voice over: Could you benefit from the Thames Water Property Services Register?

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte. I’m 38. I enjoy reading. I like music. I like sport.

I’ve been blind since I was six and a half. My blindness is caused by the optic nerve behind my eyes. Their ability to work was killed off. People would say that I’ve got disabilities, but I call them disadvantages.

I use water in varying ways. I use it to wash with and to shower with and water some of the indoor plants occasionally. It ends up part of your life to the point where if someone asks you about it then you’re like, “Well, I, I use it for that. Oh, and that.” And then you suddenly realise how much you use it.

Not having water coming out the tap, I’d probably be like, “Um, there’s no water. Err, what do I do now?” Because it’s one of the staples in life, isn’t it. You’ll take it for granted when it’s there but when it’s not there, you know.

I think there’s a benefit of having a 24-hour helpline for people on the Thames Water Priority Register, especially nowadays, not being sure who’s at your front door for example. If you have one person that you know you can contact then you know that they are a Thames Water employee. I feel like I’d be able to deal with situations more independently.

I think I’d be a bit more reassured if someone has to come and check my water for any reason and my brother is out. Knowing that I could be on the Priority Service Register, possibly have someone say a specific password and then I’d be like, “Ah, okay, it’s Thames Water.”

I find it frustrating when for example you get the phone bill. I think I would be quite frustrated if they knew there’s different ways for people communicating and they don’t put it in the options box. You know, like would you like this in large print braille?

There’s not many companies that I know of that there’s a variety of options for the way you can have your bills or information from them. I think it put me at ease that Thames Water are out there doing something to try and be there for people like me and other people that have eyesight problems or other disabilities.

We’re all human and we’re all equal and each of us is just as entitled to having the same quality of care and being sort of, looked after by organisations as the next person.

Voiceover: By joining the Priority Services Register you’ll receive priority support if your water stops flowing, your bills provided in a format that works for you and communications tailored to suit your needs.

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Thames Water, in partnership with Sense.

Get support that’s tailored to you

Find out more about how to sign up for the Priority Services Register at the Thames Water website.