Sensory walks

What are sensory walks?

Sensory walks allow you to use your senses to connect with your surroundings whilst you stay active. 

We’ve partnered with Ordnance Survey to help you find sensory walking routes, as well as developed resources to support you to use your senses to connect with nature.

Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about sensory walks and to discuss training, you can email our team on [email protected].

The walks are designed for people with complex disabilities, but can be enjoyed by anyone. You can go alone or in a group, you don’t need any specialist equipment and the walks can be any length you like.

You can go on foot, use a wheelchair or walker – sensory walks are inclusive for all. The programme has even won an award for diversity and inclusion, at the Outdoor Industry Awards 2022.

Download the free OS Maps app to use sensory walks.

A group of people going on a sensory walk

Find a sensory walk

Discover and enjoy tried and tested sensory walks across England and Wales using the free OS Maps app. Each route includes an accessible route, milestones and sensory highlights.

What are the benefits of walking?

Going for a walk lets you get outside, be active and connect with nature. Some more benefits are:

  • Paintbrush marks of three connected people

    Improved social connections

  • Paintbrush marks of a person with soundwaves around hear

    Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Paint mark illustration of people giving each other a high five

    Improved self-esteem

  • Paintbrush marks of a person with their hand up

    Improved mood and sleep quality

“Sensory walks are a great way to enjoy your environment. They help you explore and discover new sights and sounds. They’ve made our walks so much more engaging for the people we support with higher, more complex needs.”

A Sense support worker

Making Walks Sensory toolkit & training

The Making Walks Sensory toolkit includes advice on planning walks and suggested sensory activities.

The resource is primarily designed for all people who support disabled people, whether they are parents, siblings, carers, support staff, volunteers or walk leaders. All activities have been created with people with complex impairments in mind and are applicable for all ages.

You can also attend our free introduction to Sensory Walks training to learn how to map and lead a walk. Training is hosted virtually on Zoom and usually lasts 1.5 hours.

“We’ve loved making our walks more tactile and generally more exciting. Particularly the journey stick – it’s a brilliant way to capture positive memories.”

Julie, parent