Meet the Sense Arts team

Lisa Simpson, Sense’s Artistic Director For Dance 

Lisa is a choreographer and workshop leader who has pioneered new techniques for making dance and choreography inclusive. She has quadriplegia cerebral palsy and uses nonverbal communication. 

“At Sense, we’re creating dance opportunities that are accessible for all types of disabilities, including complex needs. Many people with complex disabilities have not yet been given the opportunity to realise their creative potential. We’re changing that.” 

Tanya Raabe-Webber, Artistic Director for Visual Arts 

Tanya is an award-winning disabled artist whose work has been showcased by the National Portrait Gallery and who has partnered with Apple, The Big Draw and BBC4. 

“Visual arts are a brilliant tool of self-expression and something that everyone should be able to practise. At Sense, we’re supporting people to explore and develop their creative abilities. We also want to promote this work for wider recognition, acting as a platform for disabled artists.” 

Kris Halpin, Artistic Director for Music

Kris is a visionary musician and a vocal disability advocate. He is passionate about helping people express themselves through music as part of an inclusive community.  

“Music has enriched my life in so many ways – I couldn’t imagine a world without it. That’s why I passionately believe that every person deserves music, and yet disabled people face significant barriers to musical opportunities.”