Government needs to ensure measures go beyond the immediate crisis

National disability charity Sense responds to cost of living announcement by the Chancellor.

26 May 2022 – The national disability charity Sense has welcomed today’s cost of living announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but called on the Government to ensure the measures go beyond the immediate crisis.

Announced today was a one-off disability cost of living payment of £150, with many disabled people who fall into the lowest income bracket, set to receive an additional payment of £650, taking their total cost-of-living payments to £800.

But with spiralling costs, the charity fear the measures will only offer temporary relief.   

Richard Kramer, Chief Executive of national disability charity Sense, said:  

“The additional financial support recognises the immediate pressure this crisis has put on disabled people, who have faced impossible decisions, such as whether to eat or heat the home.

The cash will bring immediate relief to many, but the Government must ensure measures go beyond the immediate crisis and support disabled people long-term. Disabled people and their families already face higher living costs, paying more for essential goods and services, and without long-term dedicated support spiralling costs will continue to push many into debt.”

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