Support for children

We are here to give your family the personalised support you need for your child, from early childhood through to adulthood.

We know that being a parent of a child who is deafblind or has other complex disabilities can be challenging.

Sense began more than sixty years ago with a conversation between two mums. Mums who both had babies born deafblind as a result of rubella. They felt isolated - and worried that their children would be isolated and unable to enjoy meaningful, fulfilled lives. Together with other families, they proved this does not have to be the case.

With the right support, we believe it's possible for everyone to make sense of their world and the world around them. To communicate, connect and take part in life, no matter what.

The Sense approach to supporting children

We support children and young people in lots of different ways - in the home, in the community and at our centres, in their education and transition to adulthood and through our holidays, arts, sport and wellbeing programmes.

We also offer practical help and support to families and carers, including information, advice, short breaks, family events and online activity sessions.

We are communication experts. We will take time to understand your child's way of communicating, be it through speech, sign, symbols, objects of reference, gestures or body language. Or we will learn your child's particular way of expressing themselves.

Find out more about the Sense way of supporting individuals and our pioneering total communication approach.

Sense Specialist Services for children and young people

In addition to our other services, we have a dedicated team who provide specialist support for children and young people with a combined vision and hearing impairment.

We also offer some support to children and young people – and their families - who have either a vision or hearing impairment combined with additional needs, which impact on their access to information, communication and mobility.

The team offer information, advice and support for families and professionals to make sure you get the help and support you need and to give you the confidence to navigate the system.

Find out more about the specialist support we offer for children and young people. 

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Play toolkits

We have created toolkits for parents and professionals, to support inclusive play for children.

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Getting the right educational support

Sense has produced guides on the Special Education Needs system for parents, professionals.

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