Technology in all of its forms has much to offer people with sight and hearing impairments.

Through our pages we’ve tried to unpack how technology can help you. 

Under the headings of Computing; Entertainment; Everyday living; and Communication we’ve categorised aids specifically designed to support and provide a real boost in a wide range of areas or situations.

A hand on a braille machine

We’ve listed stockists and a brief description of technological aids from special equipment to assist around the home and with independent living, to devices that link-up with computers, ingenious pieces of kit that work towards your security and peace of mind, to technology that expands or enhances your learning and entertainment.


Read our technology blog, which covers all aspects of assistive technology.


How technology helps me - an interview with Sense member Lynda Jones about how she uses new technology to help with everyday tasks such as cooking.


First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Tuesday 10 January 2017