Inclusive sports skills – Tap and bounce

Bring together your tapping and bouncing skills for this inclusive sports workshop, which can be done in your own space.

You don’t need any specialist equipment either – just follow the video at your own pace and enjoy learning new skills! This is video five of six.

This guide is part of our Sense Arts, Sport & Wellbeing programme. This activity can be done at a time that suits you, either in your own space or in an educational setting.

Who is this for?

This is a workshop for people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Why does this make a difference?

This is a sports activity that promotes fitness and wellbeing, and helps people use their senses to connect with their surroundings, exploring touch while supporting independent choice and learning new skills.

What happens in the video?

Step 1

Before you get started, make sure you have a clear space around you, a chair nearby, a glass of water and remember to take breaks if you need. You’ll need a tennis ball, a racket and an empty plastic milk bottle or similar.

Step 2

Hold the racket with your fingers pointing down, and hold your tennis ball underneath. Tap the racket on the ball, and when it hits, let go of the ball.

Step 3

Try and do the above step, but aim to hit the ball a second time after the first bounce.

Step 4

Now repeat the first step, but with the racket and ball moving upwards. Hold the ball above the racket, and swing the racket towards it, ‘knees to trees’. When it hits, let go.

Step 5

Use a partner or wall for this next step. Point the strings of the racket towards where you want the ball to go. Drop the ball, and when it bounces up, swing ‘knees to trees’ towards it to hit the ball.

This activity was created by inclusive sports organisation LuSu Sports.