Butterfly wings nature collage

A collage of leaves in the shape of a butterfly

Equipment needed:

  • An assortment of leaves, twigs, grasses flowers & herbs, you find in your garden or on a walk
  • PVA glue
  • Glue brush
  • Paper or some cardboard (the side of a cereal box will work well)
  • Twine/string

What to do:

A collection of leaves
  1. Before starting the craft activity revisit the sensory memory of the scavenger hunt with the items collected. Revisit what you did, recalling key words/signs and explore the items with hands or feet either independently or coactively using hand under hand.

    Feel the different textures and shapes, listen to the sounds they make in your hands when moving them about, look at the different colours. When finished leave these to one side
  2. Cut out the wings of a butterfly. Carefully put in holes to attach some twine. You can either wear the wings or attach them to your wheelchair. This can be done independently, coactively or before you begin the craft activity.
Getting hands into a tray of glue
  1. Introduce the glue using a separate tray, let your child/young person play with the glue, this can be done independently or using hand under hand support. Feel the texture, stickiness on fingers, let it dribble off their fingers onto paper. They can then either use their fingers to add the glue to the paper or use a brush.

    If your child/young person does not like to get their hands messy you can use a tool such as a brush, again doing this either independently or coactively using hand under hand.
  2. Bring back the scavenged items and start choosing what to add to the paper. Take time to explore each item.

    Always be mindful of the pace, each element can be an activity in itself.

    Most importantly enjoy creating something together.
Sticking collage pieces to a piece of paper