Batik printing

Inspired by traditional Nigerian Batik printing on fabric, this activity uses wax crayon and food colouring to make a unique print.

A batik-inspired print of criss-crossing painted lines with unique shapes in between

You will need:

  • a paint brush or sponge roller
  • a white wax crayon
  • blue food colouring
  • a patterned stencil
  • thick paper
  • masking tape
  • water pot
  • paint pot
Materials needed for batik-inspired activity

Step 1 : place your patterned stencil over your A4 paper. To stop it from moving, secure with piece of masking tape. Run your fingers over the stencil to feel the pattern shapes.

Patterned stencil taped to table

Step 2 : take your wax crayon and colour in all of the gaps.

Using a wax crayon to colour in the gaps

Step 3 : Take your blue food colouring and squeeze four drops into your paint pot.

Holding blue food colouring
Squeezing food colouring into a paint pot

Step 4 : Remove your masking tape and peel the stencil off your paper.

Peeling the stencil off the paper

Step 5 : Take your paint brush and dip it in your water pot so it becomes wet. The dip the brush in your paint pot. Mix the food colouring – add more water for lighter colour.

Adding water to the food colouring

Step 6 : Move your brush along the page and see your pattern appear!
you can also use your sponge roller to add your food colouring to the page instead of a brush.

Painting with a brush to see the pattern appear
Using a roller to create a pattern

Step 7 : Let your print dry