• Splat ball game

    This sensory, sociable ball game uses bumpers to help players knock down the numbered targets.

  • How to play bean bag dash

    You can play this fun, group sport as a team or even just one-on-one, where the first to get 10 beanbags on their chair wins!

  • Shot ball game

    Try out this fun, team-based game where players compete to hit their ball the furthest and gain points, which is great for playing both indoors and outside.

  • Skittles

    The aim of this skittles is to knock down the pins with the highest numbers.

  • Create your own short story

    Learn how to create your very own story in just three steps in this creative storytelling workshop! It’s easy, and you can use BSL, writing, drawing or videos – whatever suits you best.

  • Homemade golf course

    This version of golf involves two targets and a group of players that take turns trying to reach the end of the course. Adapt…

  • Balloon keep up game

    Keep your balloon off the floor for as long as possible with this quick and easy group game - all you need is a few inflated balloons.

  • How to play target ball

    Target ball is a group game, where the aim is to land your ball in the middle – the team that gets closest wins!