• Make music with Body Synth

    Use your webcam to turn your body movements into sound in this weird and wonderful music session, which uses on-screen visuals to generate amazing interactive noises using Google's Body Synth engine.

  • Inclusive sports skills – Throw, bounce, catch

    Once you’ve got the hang of throwing and catching, try this next lesson which brings the two together with bouncing.

  • Hurdles

    This easy, adaptable version of hurdles can be made using whatever you have lying around the house, and will have you jumping for joy!

  • How to play frisbee

    Frisbee is quick, easy and great for groups, and perfect for a fun afternoon in the garden.

  • Parachute run

    A great extra-sensory game for groups where players take turns going to other side of the before the parachute comes back down.

  • Parachute ball roll

    Get active with this fun, extra-sensory parachute team game.

  • How to play parachute wave

    Parachute wave is an exciting, extra-sensory group game inspired by a Mexican wave.

  • Sensory bowling

    Have fun taking turns to knock down all the skittles to collect points with this fun bowling game.

  • How to play bubble pop

    It's lots of fun seeing how many bubbles you can pop with this simple game – all you need is a pot of bubbles

  • Set up a sensory obstacle course

    A young man wearing a green teeshirt is laughing as he sits in the middle of a large round soft play piece