Supported Living

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Sense supported living services allow people who are deafblind, those with sensory impairments and those with complex needs – to enjoy more independence, choice and control.

At Sense, we know just how important it is for you to be able to choose where to live, who to live with and how to live your life.

You will be at the heart of planning and developing your supported living service with Sense.

We are communication experts. We will take time to understand your way of communicating, whether that is through speech, sign, symbols, objects of reference, gestures or body language. Our total communication approach will support you to express your needs, goals and aspirations. Then we will make sure these are clearly understood by everyone.

Sense will support you every step of the way, from finding the right place to live to deciding what day-to-day support you need to live in your home to being part of your community and living life to the full.

To view Sense supported living services in action, watch our short film in the player embedded below, or view the video on Youtube.

Choosing a place to live

If you do not already have your own home, we will support you to find a place that is right for you.

We will support you to prepare your personalised plan, support your assessment with the local authority and enable you to set up the tenancy agreement.

We work together with housing providers and commissioners to make the process as smooth as possible. We are also working with property developers and housing associations to set up brand new supported living schemes across the country over the next few years. These purpose-built developments will have individual flats grouped together in new buildings that are close to local amenities.

Choosing your support

Our supported living services come in all shapes and sizes to suit each individual person. You may want to live on your own or share a place with others. You may need support a few hours a day, for personal care or making meals, perhaps – or you may need support 24 hours a day.

Supported living is different from residential care. You are a home owner or tenant in your own right. This means you are responsible for your own bills and cost of living, which are usually paid by the benefits you receive and can be topped up by any wage you earn through employment.

Managing your money within the budget you have available is important. We will help you to understand the different ways we can support you and how these can be funded. Our aim will always be to support you in your home to live as independently as possible and enable you to use assistive technology to help you achieve this.

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Choosing to be part of your community

We will support you to communicate with other people, including your family and friends, develop your interests, friendships and involvement in your local community, if you wish.

If you live near a Sense resource centre, you may wish to spend time there and take part in our exciting arts, sport and wellbeing programmes. These activities are all designed to help you learn new skills, express yourself and grow in confidence.

We want you to have complete peace of mind

Sense has supported people in their homes for many years. We have a number of ways of making sure that we are providing a high quality, person-centred service:

  • The support that Sense provides is inspected by the Care Quality Commission. View our CQC ratings. (With supported living, you and/or your landlord are responsible for the accommodation.)
  • We use external benchmarks, such as the widely recognised REACH standards.
  • We have our own Quality Framework to regularly review and develop each service.
  • Our Sense Users’ Reference Group plays an important role in making sure we never lose sight of the person at the centre of our services.

Get in touch with our Information and Advice team to start the conversation about your supported living needs

First published: Thursday 1 September 2016
Updated: Wednesday 30 August 2017