Payroll giving

It's easy, efficient and tax free!

Payroll giving is an easy and efficient way for you to donate to Sense directly from your salary.

Not only is your regular gift tax free, but by choosing to support Sense you can help make sure that no one living with complex disabilities is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

Donate from your salary

Your regular donation through your salary will help to empower children and adults to communicate and experience the world – be it through speech or sign, touch or movement, gesture or sound, art or dance.

And, because we know when your donation is coming, we can plan our specialist services and activities in advance.

A simple and tax efficient way to give

Donations made through payroll giving are taken from your salary before tax. This means it is a tax efficient way for you to give on a regular basis, as the taxman pays the difference.

However you are paid – whether monthly, weekly or every four weeks – you can give to Sense through your salary.

Your gift to Sense Actual cost to you at 20% tax rate Actual cost to you at 40% tax rate
£5 £4 £3
£10 £8 £6
£20 £16 £12

Join payroll giving

Setting up a regular donation from your salary is easy on the Hands On Payroll Giving website.

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Find out more

If you have any questions, please contact our supplier Hands On Payroll Giving.

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How payroll giving helps Sense

Your donation will make a real difference to the lives of children and adults living with complex disabilities.

  • £5 could help pay for a child to get creative, using paint and Play-Doh to splodge, splash and squish at an arts and crafts session in one of our Sense Centres.
  • £10 could help pay for a child’s first assessment, helping our experts to create individual therapy plans that offer the right support.
  • £20 could help pay for a set of jingly bells and an interactive tactile book to help develop a child’s sense of hearing and touch.