Sensory sport

Creating meaningful sports activities for people with complex disabilities.

What is Sensory Sport?

Sensory sport provides meaningful opportunities for people with complex disabilities to be active. By simplifying sports like football, tennis and snooker we are able to build accessible activities that can be tailored to meet individual needs and abilities.

This person-centred approach means that more disabled people can enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits from taking part in sports activities.

We’ve reimagined sports that, for people with complex disabilities, are often the most popular but also the most difficult to take part in.

For each sensory sport, we have created regular, local activities across England and created guidance for sports coaches to provide their own.

Option 1: Sensory Football

Option 2: Sensory Tennis

Option 3: Sensory Badminton (coming soon)

Option 4: Sensory Rounders (coming soon)

Option 5: Sensory Snooker (coming soon)